Peel and Seal!

B'Seal (formerly the Banana Seal) is the "mighty little bag sealer"  that is super easy to use. It creates an airtight seal on the bag your food comes in, reducing food waste and saving money. Keep air out, and freshness in! Sealing B'Seal is easy.  Put the tube on one side of the bag and clamp on the other side and squeeze! Each B'Seal measures approximately 11.5 inches long. Take one B'Seal and make two by cutting it to custom fit your needs. B'Seal is unbreakable, easy to store, is dishwasher safe, and freezer friendly. Try it on chips, cereal, frozen veggies, even garden and pet products. Brown sugar will stay soft and fresh when sealed with a B'Seal! Flexible, no need to pre-fold the bag, easy for children! no pinching and favored by people of all ages. Made of heavy duty flexible plastic. Includes 8 B'Seals 2 of each color.  .Easy way to seal your food fresh.  

Clamp 10.5" 

Tube 11.5"

B'Seal 8 pack

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  • Toss it, squeeze it, cut it, twist it, wash it, freeze it, tuck it in a drawer, travel with it but just don't show it to your friends because they will dissappear.