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      B'Fore B'Seal  there was Banana Seal but everyone thought it was used to seal bananas, go figure! To relieve the confusion we took out "anana" and left the "B" and B'Seal was born, again, but this time with colors!

      This is the next generation of bag closures for the very reason that it doesn't just close the bags your food comes in, it seals them.  No need for electricity or pre-folding.   It's super easy to use, storecustomize and travel with.

      This Ma and Pa small operation does one thing; we make and sell B'Seals.  Pa brought the first B'Seal (Banana Seal at the time) home and Ma fell in love with it.  Not only because it was easy to use, and the kids actually used them, but it kept the food fresh like she had never seen before!  It was used on cereal, chips, brown sugar, anything that came in a bag, including freezer foods and it cleaned easily in the dishwasher - and they started to disappear.  She freely gave them to friends when they oooh'd and aaah'd at the cool bag closures but the problem was they weren't easy to find and panic set in.  Once you start using B'Seals it's impossible to go back.  Ma and Pa bought the patent and started making and selling them.  As with many small companies some things went well and some didn't.  After many years of trying different way to package and sell B'Seal we decided to B'Chill and sell them through this website with minimal packaging.  Ma and Pa park in the driveway leaving the garage open for B'Seals bikes and surfboards.   When your order comes in Ma, packs them up and sends them directly to you through the US Postal Service. 

     Because Ma still likes Pa and vice versa we have started hanging out together at the occasional local outdoor market and street fairs.  You can find us at the biannual Carlsbad street Fair in San Diego County.  Follow us on social media for updates as we add fairs and markets to our schedule. 

      We keep it local.  Our plant is in California less than 70 miles from our warehouse (aka garage) and since we live in the U.S. you would be guessing right when you deduce B'Seals are U.S.A. made.

We are devoted to the environment:

       Using a local factory we keeping freight down

       Reusing shipping material

       Using minimal packaging

       Use renewable energy for the "marrying" process

       Continuing to search for ways to reduce our carbon foot print 

        Cutting down on the reliance of single use plastic storage bags

       Making it possible to use the bags your food comes in - then use them again and again and again


       It's not just ecologically smart it economically smart

B'Seals were originally invented by a man with Parkinson's disease.  He needed a bag closure he could grip and use to make his life easier.  He ended up with a bag sealer that made everyone's life easier. Thank you Sean.