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Made in the USA

Peel to open - Press to seal!  It's that easy!! 

No folding or sliding or pinched fingers.  

Seal it for real the easy way.  


Tip: Fold the edges in for extra wide bags 


Keep the crunch in your chips and pop in your corn!  

Tip: B'Seal children's snack bags so they don't have to struggle at lunch!
WARNING: peeling a B'Seal is addictive just try to do it once!

Tip: Slip some B'Seals in the car for those road trip munchies!


Use the B'Seal in the freezer!

It's flexible and will stand up to the cold keeping your food fresh longer! 

Tip: You know how frozen fruit can gum up a bag with a built in closure?  Cut off the top and use B'Seals - they won't gum up and you'll know your bag is sealed. 


Use less plastic!

With B'Seal you can reuse the packaging that your food comes in!

Tip: Precycle!  Try to buy food without packaging but when you can't - reuse the bags your food come in!