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The Mighty Little Bag Sealer


Peel to open - Press to seal!  It's that easy!! 

No folding or sliding or pinched fingers.  

Seal it for real the easy way.  


Tip: Fold the edges in for extra wide bags 


Keep the crunch in your chips and pop in your corn!  

Tip: B'Seal children's snack bags so they don't have to struggle at lunch!
WARNING: peeling a B'Seal is addictive just try to do it once!

Tip: Slip some B'Seals in the car for those road trip munchies!


Take one B'Seal and make two! 

Cut the B'Seal to fit the size you need!

Tip: Keep the tube a little longer than the clamp

Tip: Small B'Seals are a great replacement for bread ties.


Use the B'Seal in the freezer!

It's flexible and will stand up to the cold keeping your food fresh longer! 

Tip: You know how frozen fruit can gum up a bag with a built in closure?  Cut off the top and use B'Seals - they won't gum up and you'll know your bag is sealed. 


Use less plastic!

With B'Seal you can reuse the packaging that your food comes in!

Tip: Precycle!  Try to buy food without packaging but when you can't - reuse the bags your food come in! 

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